• Sightseeing in Iki noteppan, monkey rock.
  • dantakeshinsha where there is solemn atmosphere
  • The pipe castle beach
  • The remains of country designation special historic spot, original no crossroads
  • Kojima Shrine
  • Iki shochu

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Weather (last update February 23 12:00) of Friday, February 24

Highest temperature 8 degrees Celsius / minimum temperature 2 degrees Celsius

0% of fine weather probability of precipitation

Weather (last update February 23 12:00) of Saturday, February 25

Highest temperature 10 degrees Celsius / minimum temperature 3 degrees Celsius

10% of occasionally cloudy probability of precipitation

Iki video

Iki-shi promotion video (edition in Korea)

"Iki smart experience-based ★" that human face stone recommends


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