The royal capital of Ikikoki from "Gishiwajinden"

Harunotsuji Ikikoku Park

It is a large Circular Moats village formed from the 2nd to 3rd century BC to the 3rd and 4th centuries AD,spreading about 1km in both east-west and north-south,centering on the terrace which standdles Ashibe town and Ishida town. In 1995, the Harunotuji ruins were pinpointed with the castle town of "Ikikoku" in "Gishi-wajin-den". For the excavation middle, discovery renewing ancient history occurs successively. A human face stone "Jimmenseki" became the topic recently. We were made with unique thing such as picture of Munch from the third to the fourth century. In addition, thing like weight (weight) to use for steelyard (only as for the pole) is excavated, and the seventh century and done weights and measures maintenance will sail up more more than 400 years if it is fact. Designated as the third national special historic site in Japan as a thing of the Yayoi era in 2000.
Harunotsuji Ikikoku park is a recreation of the Imperial City Ikikoku. In addition, by adjacent "Harunotsuji guidance," you can experience the making of comma-shaped bead.
★"Harunotsuji ruins" and "Harunotsuji ruins excavated goods" are certified as a constituent element of the japanese heritage,“Iki Border Island, Iki, Tsushima, Goto; island bridge from ancient times”

Facility information

Phone number 0920-45-2065 (crossroads guidance of Hara)
Address 1092, Ashibechofukaetsurukifure, Iki-shi, Nagasaki
Traffic It is approximately ten minutes by car from port of authority of seal temple, Ashibe Port
Facilities Parking lot, vending machine, restroom, FreeSpot (crossroads guidance of Hara)

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