A lot of stone statues of the monkey watch over you

Ondake shrine

・Place of "sky ratio up capital pillar" "god of night" advent
As history of object of worship of dantakeshinsha, the history of Iki begins with country bearing a child myth which is Kojiki.
dantakeshinsha is written down for documents as the ground of advent of first God "sky ratio up capital pillar" (Ameno Acer distylum sila) and "god of night" (tsukuyominomikoto), and it is done with original goddess of the moon shrine.
"Sky ratio up capital pillar" is God when island was born in island where Iki was made to the fifth. "Monkey Tabiko life" that is God of the guidance (sarutahikonomikoto) is enshrined as enshrined deity and is worshiping "monkey Tabiko life" now because "sky ratio up capital pillar" "god of night" was led.
 Shinto priest is resident and shows worshiper around the precincts. In the case of Shinto priest companion, we lead to history of Shinto shrine and place not to be able to usually enter. There is jitai where needle of compasses does not move normally to rock of object of worship in the front shrine back and comes into the limelight as power spot and is pleased in particular with worshiper in particular as we can touch directly.

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Address 1678, Ashibechohakozakihonmurafure, Iki-shi, Nagasaki
Phone number 0920-45-1881 dantakeshinshashamusho (Yoshino)
Traffic It is 15 minutes by car from Ashibe Port

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