Is it Japanese monsammisshieru?

Kojima Shrine

Kojima shrine is not allowed to bring even twigs entire island is regarded as a god area.
By high and low tide to occur by the sun and gravitation of month, the sea is broken at the time of ebb tide, and approach to a shrine appears and changes at the time of high tide in island.
Place recently up-and-coming as power spot.
Please refer to this for tide level.
⇒Tide mieru (to outside site)

★In the enshrined of Kojima Shrine,"Uchime-bay", heritage "Border Island" of IKi, Tsushima, and Goto: A Bridge from ancient time.

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Address It is most moving passage 1969 again Ashibecho, Iki-shi, Nagasaki good luck ni
Traffic It is seven minutes by car from Ashibe Port

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