Let's walk on the beautiful sandy beach!

Tsutsukihama beach

Iki the greatest beach chosen as 100 selections of excellent swimming beach of Japan. The white and fine sand beach lasts about 600m, it is shallow and the wave are calm,so in the summer it is crowded with lots of sea bathers. It is adjacent to Tsutsukihama Fureai Plaza where facilities such as campgrounds, barbecue space and tennis courts are in place and it is the most popular spot in Iki's summer.
■Facilities: Shower, restroom
■H30 age from Saturday, July 14 to Sunday, August 19
As for volost no urako ⇔ Ohama, Nishikihama, pipe castle beach beach line bus, please see this.
⇒Iki traffic bus

Facility information

Address 1916, Ishidachotsutsukihigashifure, Iki-shi, Nagasaki others
Traffic It is 10 minutes by car from Intsuji port
Facilities Parking lot, restroom shower, stand (for a limited time)

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