Privacy Policy

Basic policy for the handling of personal information

We protect personal information of customer by our recognizing importance of personal information, and observing laws and ordinances about personal information, and performing the acquisition, the use, management of personal information to deal with in us in all our operation appropriately.

1) The appropriate acquisition
We perform the acquisition of personal information by legitimate and fair means.
2) Clarification of use purpose
We perform after having made purpose, range clear when we clarify the use purpose on the acquisition of personal information, and offer to third party is planned as far as it is appropriate.
3) Limit of the use out of the purpose
We limit within the purpose that we stated clearly beforehand about the use of personal information and, without approval of customer, may not use personal information across the objective range.
4) Protection, management
We give necessary and appropriate security measures about personal information to hold and put administrator every department handling personal information and act for appropriate management of personal information.
5) Inquiry, correction
When customer revises inquiry of your personal information, and removal is hoped for, we cope after having confirmed that the request depends on customer.

■Basic policy for the handling of personal information

1) Name of Entities Handling Personal Information
Federation of general Iki-shi sightseeing
2) Use purpose of possession personal data
Our possession personal data is plan, arrangement, guide, coordinates, trip consultation, general all areas of our operation
We use to perform) and customer satisfaction investigation including notification, document sending, arrangement, rate, tour costs request. As for the use of personal data for direct mail sending, use such as E-mails of personal data for delivery performs delivery only for customer hoped for in registered customer and word of mouth, letter only for customer who knew the effect of direct mail hope in us again.
3) Procedure depending on request such as disclosure
We reply in during rational period and range after having confirmed that which had you report is the person when we receive notice, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use purpose from the person or agent, request of removal (called "disclosure" as follows.) about our possession personal data.
4) Name of person having responsibility about management of personal information
Federation of general Iki-shi sightseeing's chairperson Nagashima advancement in the world TEL 0920-47-3700

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